SPCFreelance Training is focused on helping small business owners make or save money.  One
    way to save money is to reduce losses caused by employees' lack of job knowledge, mistakes or
    accidents.  Our training programs may correct these problems thus reducing your company's

  • Programs based on real life experiences, not just rules and regulations.

  • Real life experiences make concept easier to understand.

  • Programs are interactive.

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The founders of H & R Block believe training is a major key to their company's success.  They found their employees  performed better when
properly trained.  Training programs were also a key element in Jiffy Lube's growth.  Do you want to achieve the same type of success?  You can.  
And, I can  help.  I provide on
or off site security officer, warehousing, forklift and safety training.  I offer several business related workshops as well
Such training reduces employee mistakes and accident rates.  Fewer accidents translates into cost savings:

  • Lower operating costs.

  • Lower insurance rates.

  • Reduced down time on equipment and personnel.

  • Fewer disruptions to company operations due to accidents.

  • Reduced likelihood of a civil suit resulting from a mistake or accident.

Are these the type of cost savings you want to achieve?  If so, take the first step.  Make me part of your training programs.


I've spent fifteen years as a part time training instructor for various organization.  During this time, I found accidents and mistakes were the result
of employees not having a clear understanding of their job functions.  Have you noticed the same thing?  

What caused these mistakes?

  • No training guides.

  • Poorly written or confusing training material.

  • Procedures passed on by word of mouth.

  • Inconsistent training.

I created training programs for other companies to address these issues.  Maybe I can do the same for you.  Why don't you drop me a line?  We
could then review your current job descriptions and training material.  

These are important issues to address if you are looking at getting an ISO rating.  

  • ISO rating could improve your company's marketability.

  • ISO committee will review your training programs before issuing rating.

  • ISO committee will check to see if your employees know and follow procedures.  

Since we are talking about training, you might want to view all the courses I offer.  One might be right for your organization.  Just click on the
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    New Hire Orientation                                     Emergency Response Training

    Warehousing                                                   Security Guard Training

    Forklift Operations                                          Safety Training

    Coping with workplace violence                    Customer returns dilemma

The $14 million day laborer

Do you occasionally hire day laborers or other types of contract workers for short term projects?  These projects could  involve security,
maintenance, tire service or just general labor.  Outsourcing these functions can be cost effective.  But, it might cost you a fortune in legal fees and
court awards as well.    A day laborer has already cost one business in Nevada $14 million.  Pretty expensive labor rate don't you think?

Another company was fined $100,000 for not providing training to a day laborer.  Are you responsible for training your  temporary employees?  If
you don't know the answer to this question, you should consider sponsoring my workshop.

The hour long presentation is designed for business owners, supervisors and managers.  During the session, I discuss pertinent court rulings.  We
will also cover OSHA, MSHA and Department of Labor cases that directly apply to training of day laborers.  I will then suggest ways you can avoid
these expensive legal problems.

For more information on this and other workshop offered through SPCFreelance just click on the "Course Synopsis" button below.  It's easy to do.  
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