Writing is a quiet and lonely road at times.  Along the way you may find a sentence or
paragraph that sparks your interest.  You stop briefly and stuff them into your bag of ideas.  
Some of them will fit seamlessly together.  They will form basis of the story you want to tell
today.  Others won't.  These you will leave in your bag and save for another day.

What I can do for  you

Hi. My name is S Patrick Culshaw.  What story do you want to tell today?  Maybe I can help.  
We can start by reviewing writing services I offer.

  • Resume'.
  • Limited copy editing.
  • General writing service.
  • Job  descriptions.
  • Training guides.

My background

But first, here's a little background information.   I started my career in the usual way. I took
courses in journalism, technical writing and creative writing (useful for writing my police

I was a regular contributor to various newspapers as well.  I worked as a stringer for the first
newspaper.  I was assigned to write articles about events occurring around our county.  
Later, I took over a weekly column for another Nevada paper.  I also wrote guest editorials
for papers in California and Nevada.  One of these editorials served as a center piece for a
special edition of The Union, a regional California newspaper.

I had articles published in numerous magazines as well.  These magazines included Cats,
Journal of Emergency Medicine (JEMS) and Handguns.

I've also written resumè drafts for people.  Maybe this is an area you need help with?  I’ve
helped others.  One individual was hired by a local school district partially because of the
resumè I crafted for her.   

Finally, I spent thirty years in the emergency service field.  I authored the rough and final
draft for various emergency response programs during this time. The state adopted one
program as a funding model for future program requests.  

If you have similar projects you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me. We'll
then set a time to work on your project over a cup of coffee.

You can email me directly by clicking on the link below.  Until then, have a great day.

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