Hello.  I'm Scott.  And, my mission is to help you save money and grow your business.  I   
    can achieve  these goals by  providing you with business development writing
    and training services.  

                    Training based on real life experiences, not just rules and    

    Real life experiences make concept easier to understand.

    Programs are interactive.

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The American Society for Training and Development found companies that invested in training realized a higher gross profit.  
As an example, the founders of H & R Block credit training for making their company a success.  They found their
employees  performed better when properly trained.  Training programs were also a key element in Jiffy Lube's growth.  Do
you want to achieve the same type of success?  You can.  And, I can  help.  I provide on or off site security officer, business
development, forklift and safety training.  I offer several business related workshops as well.

Training also reduces employee mistakes and accident rates.  Fewer mistakes and accidents translates directly into cost

  • Lower operating costs.

  • Lower insurance rates.

  • Reduced down time on equipment and personnel.

  • Fewer disruptions to company operations due to accidents.

  • Reduced likelihood of a civil suit resulting from a mistake or accident.

Are these the type of cost savings you want to achieve?  If so, take the first step.  Call me so we can get started on your
training programs.


I will work with you to set up or upgrade your training programs.  How?  First, we will sit down to review your goals and
problems you face reaching those goals.  We will then map out a strategy for success.

I also bring fifteen years experience as a part time training instructor to the table.  During this time, I found accidents and
mistakes were the result of employees not having a clear understanding of their job functions.  Have you noticed the same

What caused these mistakes?

  • No job descriptions.

  • Poorly written or confusing training material.

  • Procedures passed on by word of mouth.

  • Inconsistent training.

OSHA requires employers, large or small, to address training.  Numerous companies failed to follow this mandate and were
fined.  These fines ran as high as $100,000.   I created training programs for other companies to address these issues.  
Maybe I can help you with your training programs.

While were on the subject of training programs, you might want to view some of the courses I already offer.  One might be
right for your organization.  Just click on the "COURSE SYNOPSIS" button located on this page for more information.

    New Hire Orientation                                     Emergency Response Training

    Warehousing                                                  Security Guard Training

    Forklift Operations                                         Safety Training

    Coping with workplace violence                  Customer returns dilemma

    The $14 million day laborer                          Is this person an independent contractor



Have the dozens of high profile shootings prompted your organizations to look at an armed security force?  If so, have you
carefully researched key issues your organization will face. These issues are psychological profile of officer, training
officers receive, stray bullets, type of ammunition and shooting aftermath.

The aftermath includes investigations by OSHA and police. You will also have to deal with the news media and emotional
trauma of your employees. Your business may even be shut down for several days and face years of litigation.

Does your firearms policy address these issues?  If not, you need to contact me. I can help you upgrade your policy.


An unqualified security work force or failure to provide adequate oversight of the security guard contracts places the IRS, its
mission and employees at risk. This statement is from an IRS memo on their contract security.

Is your security workforce placing your company mission, facilities and employees at risk? If you don't know or are not sure,
we need to talk.

Why? I have a half day seminar on “Pitfalls of contract security.” It opens with a general overview of the security industry.
For example, did you know most unarmed security guards are not required to go through any training. These guards are
simply given a uniform and sent to a job site.

Now consider this fact. Your company can be held civilly liable for their actions.

My presentation provides a guide you can use to protect you and your company from such lawsuits. But, it's only available
during my presentation. So if you want to know how to protect yourself, drop me a note at the contact portal at the top of the
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